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The personal information on this form is being collected for the purposes of recruiting and selecting persons wishing to work with Cecyhealth Consult Ltd. The information may also be required for evaluation purposes.
To ensure that both participants and workers have the best experience possible,
  • Quality – we will strive for excellence in the delivery of our services and activities.
  • Forward looking – we will recognise the need for continual review and improvement.
  • Impact focused – we believe that success is measured by outcomes, and will seek to deliver results that benefit both individuals and the community.
  • Equal opportunity – prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status.
Carefully Read and Agree to the code of conduct below:
  1. I will fulfill the responsibilities of my assignment, set a good example for the participants, demonstrate good citizenship and cooperation, be vigilant and aware of the safety of the participants, encourage and foster independence, be an advocate for full inclusion by ensuring equal access to all activities, abide by all camp rules and policies.
  2. I give consent for photographs, video clips or voice recordings to be taken and used in promotional material and use images in print, online, in film and any other way they see fit to promote the company.
  3. I will use Cecy Health’s resources responsibly, and when claiming compensation will do so in line with agreed amount due as agreed in the terms of service and procedures.
  4. I will seek to be accountable for my actions as a member of this medical outreach, and will submit myself to whatever scrutiny is appropriate.
  5. I will act in the best interests of Cecy health as a whole, and not as a representative of any group – considering what is best for Cecy health and its present and future beneficiaries and avoiding bringing Cecy health into disrepute.
  6. Unless authorised, I will not put myself in a position where my personal interests conflict with my duty to act in the interests of the organisation. Where there is a conflict of interest I will ensure that this is managed effectively in line with Cecy Health’s policy.
  7. I understand that a failure to declare a conflict of interest may be considered to be a breach of this code.
  8. I will attend all appropriate meetings and other appointments at Cecy health while on this medical outreach.
  9. I will endeavour to work considerately and respectfully with all those I come into contact with at Cecyhealth and the community. I will respect diversity, different roles and boundaries, and avoid giving offence.
  10. I will not make public comments about the organisation unless authorised to do so. Any public comments I make about Cecy health will be considered and in line with organisational policy, whether I make them during or after this medical outreach.
  11. I understand that substantial breach of any part of this code may result in procedures being put in motion that may result in my being asked to leave the medical outreach camp. Should this happen I will be given the opportunity to be heard.
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