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Dr. Yomi Jaye MD, MBA

An advocate of health care reformation and rebuild in African communities. With over a 15 of medical practices, medical marketing and health management in Nigeria with OAUTHC, Pfizer, UNICEF, THE RODING MEDICAL CENTRE. Dr Yomi Jaye is digital health tech savvy and also the CEO and founder of KiaKia Response Klinik, Smart Pill Pharma Exponential Thinking Youth Consult and Cecillia Foundation.

He is
• A public health practitioner,
• A Chartered Health Business Professional from Oxford,
• A Unicef trained health promotion Specialist,
• An Advisory consultant to Sweden Ghana Medical Centre, Ghana
• A Health and Wellness consultant and trainer to select group of oil and gas firms.
• A student of Tony Robbins institute , proctor Gallagher coaching a follower of exponential medicine and a health futurist.
• Passionate about changing the face of healthcare in Africa.
• A Leader by example

Currently the MD/CEO of CECY Health an indigenous company that specializes on worksite clinic management for corporate organizations ,comfort health care, community health( for organizations who performs this as CSR), Health related research, Health Management, health promotion and Trainings, Community health outreach in rural areas and hard to reach regions of the medically under-served areas.

We do this for organizations who intend to carry out such projects as the corporate social services. We work with Community relation mangers and Corporate Affairs managers. We do all activities in a specially branded manner promoting the key areas of focus of our clients and ensuring that the people to be reached get the full benefit of such charity service.
It Takes A Lion Heart To Take Your Lion Share, You Were Built For Opulence, Dare To Take It!
If You Can Hold It In Your Head Long Enough, You Will Hold It In Your Hands Sooner Than You Think
Stage Your Environment To Incubate And Nuture Your Desired Goal, If Not You’ll Be Staged For Another Person’s Wishes
The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds The Treasures That You Seek
Change Your Input And Your Outcomes Will Be Extraordinary
Obstacles Are Those Illusions You See When You Take Your Eyes Off Your Goals
Complainers Complicates Cases
If A Man Will Walk Confidently Towards His Dream And Endeavor To Live The Life He Has Imaged. He Will Meet With Success Unexpected In Common Hours
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